He Was Told He Was Blind...

A boy named John, who lives in an underdeveloped part of Africa, was placed in a school for the blind because he couldn't see. John was learning Braille when a visiting team of optometrists (funded in part by Optometry Giving Sight) visited his school and performed an eye exam.

Learn more about the importance of eye care and eyewear and watch this video.

The team found that John wasn't blind, he just needed a pair of glasses. After they had found the right prescription for him, John was able to see the world clearly, and his life was dramatically changed. He's now planning to become an engineer.

Sadly, millions of people worldwide don't have access to the eye care that John received. By educating locally trained professionals who can provide affordable eye care to their communities, Optometry Giving Sight and its project partners are drastically changing lives for the better.

Optometry Giving Sight's resource mobilization efforts have helped fund 97 sustainable eye care projects in 39 countries. To learn how you can support this great cause, visit www.givingsight.org.

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